“Windows Service Center” phone call scam.

Mike Ellis posted this video about a scam going around.  Scammers are calling people claiming to be from Microsoft and stating that the victims machine is slow and has been compromised. They even walk the victim through a process to open the Windows Event Viewer and claim that errors and warnings are proof of an infection.  Once the victim is convinced there is a problem, they will then ask to connect to a website that will allow the scammer to connect to the victims computer.  In some cases, they will also ask for credit card information.

On the video description Mike had this to say

“3 older people I know have fallen victim to this “windows service centre” scam. More told me they’d been phoned. I really wanted to do something more to warn others. Then they called me and agreed to phone back. I was ready with the microphone and gullible air. Have a look at the Guardian article by Charles Arthur athttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/18/phone-scam-india-call-centres and other videos on Youtube. Tell as many PC users, especially older people, as you can.”

If you receive a call from someone claiming that they are from Microsoft or some other service center, hang up.  It is likely a scam and your identity could be at risk.

One response to ““Windows Service Center” phone call scam.

  1. Please be advised that Microsoft never calls anybody about their computer. So if you get a call purportedly from them, be suspicious. Report the phone number to Callercenter and raise a warning.

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